WORD|LINK was founded in 1998 as a cooperative of writers, editors and agents in the United States and New Zealand, and today remains dedicated to supporting writers of exceptional talent through the publishing journey. WORD|LINK Literary is strictly a commission-based agency, we do not charge fees or provide paid-for editorial services. 

Although WORD|LINK is growing, we remain a small agency at heart and in practice. Our authors enjoy close personal attention in the development of their works and the achievement of their career goals. The writers we represent are selected not just because of their outstanding writing and quality works of fiction and nonfiction, but because of their willingness to participate in the process, their enthusiasm for writing as a lifelong career, a dedication to their craft, and an unselfish support of the writing community.


Our Agents

Our Agents


Managing Director

Agent / Literary & Film

After retiring from a long military career, Dean put away his uniform and decided to follow his passion for books. He is an alumnus of the Universities of Maryland and South Carolina, and is a published novelist and short story writer. He currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife Lynda. 

Dean is always looking for the best in edge-of-the-seat thrillers, recent history military fiction, high-quality science fiction and that always elusive "something new, something great." 

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Agent / US & Foreign Rights

Zeynep is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College with a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing, and has worked as a foreign rights agent at the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency in New York. Her own writings have appeared in publications such as the United Nations accredited The Society and Diplomatic Review, Culture Limited, the New York Journal of Books, and numerous other literary journals, and reviews for the New York Journal of Books. Fluent in English, Turkish, and Spanish, she is an experienced translator of fiction and nonfiction. 

She is based in Istanbul, Turkey. 



Literary Agent

Mira has spent over thirty-five years in the publishing world, including twenty-one years as publisher at Johnson Books/Big Earth Publishing in Boulder, Colorado, where she was involved in all facets of book publishing, from design to manuscript development and more.

Her love of books has led her to continue working with authors. She is especially interested in nonfiction, biography, historical fiction, and most anything that has a unique story line with incredible writing.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Chip Rice Literary Agent

chip rice

Literary Agent

Chip graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Education degree. After working several years in school counseling and administration, he became a stay-at-home dad while pursuing his passion for writing. He is a published author with freelance experience in editing and manuscript assessment.

Chip is seeking excellence in upmarket fiction, paranormal fiction, historical fiction, Christian fiction, soft or psychological horror, thrillers, literary fiction, contemporary young adult fiction, and exceptional writing in almost any genre.

He lives in central Pennsylvania.

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Please carefully review submission guidelines before contacting Word|Link Literary. You can submit a query letter directly to the agent or to Works of fiction should be complete. Nonfiction book proposals should be thorough and professional. Before submitting your work, you should be confident that your manuscript is the best that it can be. Word|Link Literary does not provide editorial services. 

For query letters:

  • First, and we cannot stress this enough: Do not attach files or embed sample chapters into the text of your email, these queries are deleted without response. Attachments are never opened. The ability to follow instructions is a vital part of the process from query letter to published book.

  • Put the title of your work in the Subject line. Send your email to the agent you think would be most interested in your work, or submit it to All queries are reviewed by all agents, but it is best to start with the one you believe would be most interested.

  • Please be patient. It can take 2 weeks or more for us to give your query full consideration and respond.

For rights inquiries:

  • Put the title of the work, author and "rights query" in the Subject line. Send it to Dean Krystek.

  • Clearly state what rights you are interested in, the publisher/producer you represent, and your telephone/email contact details.

For general inquiries:

  • Identify the nature of your email in the Subject line (i.e. question, request, comment, interview, etc.).

  • We endeavor to answer all emails promptly (although query letters can take longer to be properly considered). However, please be advised that certain emails are deleted automatically and will not be responded to. These include:

    • Query letters with unrequested attachments or sample chapters embedded into the text of the email.

    • Mass emailings.

    • Solicitations.

    • Emails that include inflammatory or abusive language.

 We look forward to hearing from you.